Linear Motion Systems

ALIO Industries has focused on nano precision motion for over 10 years. During these years ALIO engineers have passionately developed products, manufacturing techniques and intellectual property (IP) for 6-D Nano Precision® in the True Nano® world. ALIO does not build legacy products or overlook the 6 dimensional errors associated with simple linear motion. ALIO designs and manufactures with these issues in focus with new unique manufacturing techniques and leading edge components then tested to NIST traceable nano results. ALIO linear products have been designed and manufactured to have no equal in the world for performance and reliability. ALIO’s mechanical bearing stages bearing stages can perform at a level of precision that the competition struggles to match with their air bearing stages. ALIO’s focus on 6-D Nano Precision® only while others design and build to the 2-D world of planar repeatability and accuracy keep ALIO on the leading edge. All of the product families of ALIO linear stages have world class performance with variation of components such as motors and encoders to fit demanding applications or cost sensitive systems.


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Precision Crossed Roller Bearing Linear Stages

ALIO' Nano Precision XY Monolithic product is a 3-plate systems with unmatched 6-D performance.  With years of testing, continually improving designs and unique manufacturing protocols, the ALIO precision crossed roller bearing stages have no equal for quality and performance. Our linear stage product family, as shown below with counterbalance for Z applications, begin with 25 mm travel and go up to 400 mm of travel with motor and encoder options to fit your application needs.

XY Linear System

ALIO’s XY monolithic True Nano® motion systems performance is unequaled for 6-D Nano Precision®. With nanometer straightness and flatness you can be assured that your point precision is True Nano®. This stage family comes with enclosed or open center versions from 50mm travel to 450mm travel. Standard axis bi-directional repeatability is less than 50 nanometers with optional 10 nanometers bi-directional repeatability for demanding metrology or manufacturing needs. Stages can come with NIST traceable data assuring nano precision not just marketing data sheet optimism.

Servo Voice Coil Z Stage

Precision and compact designs for Z / lift stages have been an industry challenge that ALIO recognized and engineered a solution. Legacy designs such as wedges are compact but lack sub-micron precision in all 6 degrees freedom and linear stage with counterbalances take up space as well as making application tooling a challenge to design around. The ALIO nano-precision, air counter balanced Z lift stages solved this with voice coils and rigid precision structures that have application mounting location on all side of the precision rectangular structure. The ALIO VC Z stages are available up to 50 mm of travel with our nano precision designs and compact counterbalancing. Similar designs for longer travels are available upon request.

Linear CM Servo Motor

ALIO designed CM linear servo stages for customers that need less costly True Nano® precision. CM servo motor stages still have the ALIO 6-D precision with less linear force for smaller and lower acceleration applications. The stage family uses the precision anti-skid bearings as all other ALIO mechanical bearing products with the same 25 mm to 400 mm travel ranges.