In 2001 ALIO designed, built and patented the first True Nano® precision Hexapod and Tripod robots.(US patents 6,769,194 and 6,671,975) Over the years the ALIO Hexapod has been the standard for nanometer applications requiring 5 or 6 axis robot.

Keeping with the ALIO name a "Better and new way". ALIO designed and built a novel patented Hybrid Hexapod® which again exceeds all know 5 and 6 axis motion system performance, precision and quality. with orders of magnitude more precision than even our own unmatched nano precision Hexapod.

See the latest on ALIO's Patented Hybrid Hexapod® in the Machinery World Article linked HERE.




ALIO’s Angulares 60° Hybrid Hexapod®

Industry’s First and Only 6 Degree-of-Freedom Nano-Positioner with 60 Degrees Tip and Tilt Travel​​​​​​​

The Hybrid Hexapod® was developed by ALIO Industries to address the inherent performance limitations of conventional hexapods.  ALIO’s Patented 6-Degree-Of-Freedom (6-DOF) design seamlessly blends and takes advantage of the strengths of serial and parallel kinematic structures while avoiding their weaknesses. The Hybrid Hexapod offers far greater functional versatility, nanometer-level accuracy, repeatability, and superior 6-DOF trajectories than is possible with any traditional hexapod or stacked stage configuration. The unique design is comprised of a parallel kinematic tripod to deliver Z plane and tip/tilt motion. This tripod is integrated with a monolithic serial kinematic stage for XY planar motion.  A rotary stage integrated into the top of the tripod (or beneath depending on application needs) provides 360-degree continuous yaw (Theta-Z) rotation.  In this hybrid design, individual axes can be customized to provide XY travel ranges from millimeters to virtually unlimited ranges while maintaining nanometer-levels of precision.   Novel forward and inverse controller kinematics provide an unlimited number of programmable Tool Center Point locations.  The 60 degree tip/tilt  travel of the Angulares Hybrid Hexapod is by far the most angular travel range available from any 6-DOF positioner on the market and offers the same unmatched positioning performance found in any of ALIO’s full-line of Hybrid Hexapod systems.

HH-60D Sales Data Sheet

The All-New MINI Hybrid Hexapod®

Precision, Performance, and Quality

Prices starting at $31,500 

Novel 5 & 6 axis robotic systems clocking 17 years of creative and unmatched performance leadership building motion systems and backed with ultra precision design expertise and exacting metrology knowledge of how to qualify Point Precision®.

Hybrid Hexapod®

The evolution of the Hexapod 6 axis motion system is the Tripod integrated with nano precision stages and a rotary for 6 axes of True Nano® precision. This platform due to basic physics can out perform Hexapod systems with Nano Precision ® while increasing the work envelope and significantly increasing the stiffness of the structure making this platform ideal for nano machining and thermal bonding applications where reactive forces are common. The ALIO product family of Linear Servo Tripods can be packaged from 3 axes to more than 6 axes while still maintaining the ALIO forward and inverse kinematic equations.

Patent Pending c63b2a4b920b8f1ca319e84b8a0b7817_f254.jpgStepper Drive Hybrid Hexapod®

The Micron-2 Stepper Hybrid Hexapod is a variation from our unmatched precision Hybrid Hexapod®. The Stepper version is designed with the same rigid structure and closed-loop feedback providing unmatched performance and pricing.  This product is scalable up to much larger strokes and higher loads.  Contact ALIO to discuss your application.


Hybrid Hexapod® Motion Simplified with TCP Explanation

Hexapods, PKMs, and Hybrid Hexapod History

Hexapods also known as PKM or parallel kinematic machines were designed many years ago for amusement rides and later mostly know as flight simulators for pilot training. Over the years new designs of the PKM’s were developed for the micron precision world of manufacturing, laboratories motion needs and product inspection. Although many modern day Hexapod companies tout nanometer resolution or repeatability, the real issue with Hexapods for the new world of nano precision is 6-D Nano Precision®.

Hexapods have 12 joints or flexures at both ends of the 6 moving linear links each with on-axis and off-axis motion errors. These 6 links once integrated into the hexapod yield stiffness issues which also add to the total system error even when installing forward and inverse motion equations. The summation of all errors will not allow any hexapod to be a True Nano® positioning motion platform. In today’s nano precision world the path or straightness of motion is critical. On the other hand PKM’s still have real nano value when investigating tripods. ALIO has been designing and improving 6 and 3-axis PKM’s for industry since 2001 with emphasis on the 3-axis tripod mounted on linear axes to improve the hexapod precision.

The ALIO linear motor Tripod has infinite resolution with less than 10 nm repeatability and accuracy less than 100 nanometers. Mounted on a Nano-precision linear XY motion system for 5-axis or with adding an optional rotary to provide full 6 axis “Hybrid Hexapod” motion. ALIO’s Hybrid PKM Motion System offers significant advantages over the traditional hexapods from an order of magnitude more precision to increased work envelope with significant improvement in stiffness.

Novel or evolutionary 6-D Nano Precision® is a natural for nano precision systems for the present and future. ALIO’s hybrid parallel kinematic motion solutions with forward and inverse kinematics allows for complex hexapod-like motion with simple tool center point programming. ALIO’s offers G-code programming solutions for true CAD-Cam processing with True Nano® precision.

The ALIO Hybrid 6-D Motion Platform product line is scalable from 5 mm to over a meter of travel moving 100’s of kilograms of mass. No matter the product size needed for the application the ALIO Hybrid 6-D Motion system will maintain precision to at least an order of magnitude better than stacked stages or traditional Hexapods. The simplicity of moving one axis verses six axes to make a straight line while increasing the work zone volume and stiffness of the structure is what the ALIO Hybrid was designed and built to excel at.

In conclusion, hexapods will still have many applications that they are well suited to handle just not in the 6-D Nano Precision® world of applications. True Nano® applications, especially ones that need flatness and straightness of motion plus stiffness for machining and bonding applications will be better served with an ALIO Hybrid system.