The ALIO Edge

ALIO Zoom (1).pngIn Latin, ALIO means “A Better Way”!

Back in 2001, ALIO began by creating “a better way” to meet demand from U.S. based technology providers and manufacturers for nano-precision robotics.

From this initial idea, there exists today an expansive product line, including Hexapod robotic systems, air bearing systems, linear and rotary nano-precision systems (with both mechanical and air bearings guides), and systems bespoke for atmospheric, clean room, and ultra-high vacuum environments. All ALIO’s motion control products all with TRUE NANO Positioning®.

Today, the evolution of the company has led to the launch of the patented Hybrid Hexapod®,  which is a game changer for 5 and 6 axis motion performance.

The Hybrid Hexapod® is orders of magnitude more precise than traditional hexapods. It is 100 times stiffer, 30 times faster, has unrivalled path precision, and exhibits 10 times the usable work envelope for the same XYZ travels of a hexapod.  There are absolutely no performance, precision, or quality advantages of choosing a traditional hexapod versus a Hybrid Hexapod®, and it is therefore the cost-competitive solution for ANY 6-D motion and precision needs.

Another key product that ALIO has developed after years of evolution of its True Nano® single axis stages, is the monolithic XY stage product family with extreme 6-D Nano Precision®.  The ALIO monolithic XY stages, (with enclosed center and open center), outperfom all alternative XY motion solutions, with Point Precision® motion performance and unrivalled stiffness.

ALIO’s linear stages, patented Nano Z® lift, mechanical Z lift, and rotary stage lines were designed to excel at nanometer precision motion performance. 

Our superior accuracy and quality is backed by the motion control industry’s ONLY 3-year warranty.

No matter your application or market, ALIO’s array of motion systems and the Micron 2 Product line of more traditional stages have a motion control solution to meet and exceed your motion needs.  We deliver our systems integrated with a motion controller and supported by ALIO’s engineering team.