ALIO Solutions and Custom Motion Systems

ALIO Industries offers significant value added by customizing our core technology to fit our OEM customer’s needs as well as pushing the envelope for new world nano-precision applications. ALIO’s on-going focus on exceeding OEM requirements helps our customers become leaders in their industry.

Customers approach ALIO for unique applications due to our long track record of successfully delivering complex prototypes that meet or exceed specifications the first time.

ALIO’s unwavering focus on honesty and integrity help customers understand the complex nature of precision applications. ALIO informs the customer of what they need to know and not just what they want to hear.

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Application: Laser Gimbal® Five-Axis Positioning Workstation


ALIO's all-new Laser Gimbal® Five Axis Positioning Workstation is the World’s Only Positioning System with 5-D Vector Path Laser Triggering.   The system provides a novel solution to Engineers and Manufacturers around the globe who are using additive and subtractive laser processing techniques on cutting-edge materials to produce a variety of next generation products.

Application: Additive Manufacturing - Phone Antenna Direct Printing

Stage: AI-HH-250XY-55Z-104R

ALIO is capable of Programmable Path and Contour Control using our novel Forward and Inverse Kinematic Algorithms. This Hybrid Hexapod® system was operating at 100mm/sec 3D path velocity and is capable of micron-level path accuracy.  In this Hybrid Hexapod® System the nozzle proximity is kept to within 20 microns of Surface and was designed for a 24/7 production environment.

Application: Optical Camera Module Assembly/Test

Stage: AI-HH 60XY-15Z-56R

ALIO's MINI Hybrid Hexapod® is ideal for Automated Lens Alignment/Bonding to CCD Arrays.  It has been helpful in building Camera Array Modules, Translational OIS, Telescopic Integrated Lenses for minature cameras used in every day products like cell phone cameras and drones.  Any application requiring 6-DOF positioning with nanometer/arc-sec levels of incremental motion and repeatability is a good fit for this product where your product's sensor resolution improvements are driving the need for higher precision.

Application: Sensor Metrology

Stages: Custom Air Bearing Guided Inverted Hybrid Hexapod®

ALIO has provided systems to many of the worlds largest metrology companies for their internal measurement systems.  Ask us how we can meet your precision targets.

Application: Hybrid Hexapod® For Wafer Metrology

Stages: AI-HH-BSD-35000E-350-XY-T313-60Z

This 5-Axis, open frame Hybrid Hexapod® design has been developed for wafer metrology.  It's precision comes from precision crossed-roller bearings, integrated frameless DC servo motors driving ballscrews.  It has a cubic travel range of 350X x 350Y x 75mmZ and Tip Tilt Travel ± 2 degrees.  ALIO was able to provide ± 0.1 micron bidirectional XYZ repeatability.

Application: Wafer Metrology Low-Profile XY-Theta With Large Open Aperture

Stages: AI-LM-35000E-350-XY with AI-LM-420RA-330-40

ALIO’s vacuum expertise and broad stages selections allows the opportunity to couple four UHV (10-10 Torr) stages to provide a nano-precision® solution. This R-XY-Z stack once again uses a pure linear based Z solution vs. the legacy z-wedge design.

Application: Fiber/Optical Assembly (Private Label)

Stages: AI-LM-10000-XY with AI-VC-2400-Z-CB

ALIO’s metrology grade XY stage is the foundation for this exceptional three-axis alignment platform. ALIO’s unique design of the Z axis provides a completely linear based vertical solution with near air bearing performance. This Z stage with a high force linear motor, linear encoder, linear high-precision crossed roller bearings and integrated linear air counterbalance exceeds any mechanical based vertical axis on the market and some air bearing options. One major advantage to this unique solution allows for the customer’s payload to be mounted directly on the top of the stage in-line with the motor, encoder, bearings and counterbalance thus minimizing overhanging brackets thus greatly reducing potential Abbé errors. ALIO’s linear Z axis is 5 times to an order of magnitude more precise than old school z-wedge solutions.

Application: Nano Metrology

Stage: AI-LM-30000-300-XY, 300mm XY Travel with 300mm Open Center

ALIO has taken our industry-leading, near air-bearing performance open center metrology stages, to the next level. This crossed roller bearing 300mm XY Nano Metrology® stage is DC Servo linear motor driven with 300mm open center has unmatched motion performance with 3-Sigma, 6-D (linear, straightness, flatness, pitch, yaw and roll) bi-directional repeatability of less than +/- 250nm. In other words, the volumetric bi-directional repeatability of any XY point is within a sphere of 500nm or less.  What is your Point Precision?