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ALIO puts the emotion in motion control. We provide optimal motion control solutions for our customers by constantly focussing on nano precision and repeatability. Through partnership and collaboration with our customers, we consistently provide cost-effective and timely ultra-precise motion control solutions for the most exacting applications.

ALIO is synonymous with accuracy and innovation in ultra-precision motion control solutions. The company is driven by a peerless team of exceptional engineers that have an obsessive focus on nanometer-level motion control, customer success, and pushing the boundaries of what is perceived as possible.

ALIO has built its reputation by taking on and succeeding with projects and applications that other motion control suppliers decline. We project a compelling image — and one that our competitors struggle to equal — which is built upon a solid foundation of honesty, integrity, and passion.

It is all about heritage and focuses when it comes to motion control. ALIO has an 18-year history working at the vanguard of nano precision motion control, something that no other motion control supplier can get close to claiming


Motion Control


In 2001, ALIO started life building the piezo hexapod, a product with unrivalled precision that the industry told us was impossible to build. From that day to this we have consistently pushed the boundaries in the achievement of precision in motion control.

We offer a high-end boutique-like service, with a strong emphasis on responsiveness to our customers. As a company we have always been focussed on nano precision, and as such we have a reputation, a knowledge base, and a level of stability that cannot be matched when ultra precise and reliable motion control is demanded.