Linear Motion: Alio Industries

Many with even a passing interest in motion control will be aware of precision linear actuators — positioning devices that produce motion in one degree of freedom, and usually don’t include a guiding system for the payload.

Typically electrically driven units are the most accurate, and some drive technologies such as electro-mechanical, piezoelectric, and linear motor acuators are capable of producing linear motion.

Such precision linear actuators are designed to deliver high performance in situations that require continuous duty operation, and are often to be found in applications such as value control in vehicle applications and the process and packaging industry, pressing and clamping, edge-guide control, backstop adjust, loading and unloading, and drilling, welding, gluing or thermoforming.

ALIO’s XY Monolithic True Nano® linear motion systems' performance is unequaled for 6-D Nano Precision®. With nanometer straightness and flatness you can be assured that your point precision is True Nano®. This stage family is available from 25mm travel to 450mm travel. Standard axis bi-directional repeatability is less than 50 nanometers with optional 10 nanometers bi-directional repeatability for demanding metrology or manufacturing needs.

Stages can come with NIST traceable data assuring nano precision not just marketing data sheet optimism.

  • Travel: 30mm – 440mm
  • Velocity: up to 1m/sec
  • Resolution: < 5nm
  • Bi-Directional Repeatability: < ± 30nm
  • Displacement Accuracy: < 1 µm
  • Standard and Highly Dynamic Grades