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Gantry Robot

A gantry robot is made up of a manipulator mounted onto an overhead system and allows movement across a horizontal plane. Gantry robots are also called linear or cartesian robots and are usually big systems built with linear guide rails that undertake pick and place actions, and they can also be used in other applications such as welding.

ALIO robot is characterized by large work areas and superior positioning accuracy —

The ability of the gantry robot to place a part correctly. Gantry is relatively simple to program when compared to the alternative motion control solution. In addition, they are not limited by floor space constraints.

Industrial Robot

From the context of overall robotics, most kinds of industrial robots would fall in the class of robotic arms (inherent in the usage of this term manipulator at ISO standard 1738).  

Robots exhibit varying levels of freedom:

  • Some robots have been programmed to faithfully execute particular actions over and over again (repetitive activities ) without variant and having a high level of precision.  These activities have been determined by programmed patterns that define the path, acceleration, speed, deceleration, and space of a collection of coordinated moves. 
  • Other robots are a lot more flexible regarding the orientation of this item on which they're operating or perhaps the job that needs to be carried out on the item itself, which the robot might even should identify.  By way of instance, for much more precise advice, robots frequently comprise machine vision sub-systems behaving as their visual detectors, connected to powerful computers or controls.  Artificial intelligence, or what goes on it, is now becoming an increasingly important element in the contemporary industrial robot.