Vertical Intregration

shutterstock_224994385.jpgALIO has a reputation based on the manufacture of high quality ultra-precise motion control solutions.

To achieve the precision and quality that our customers demand, all our motion control products are manufactured in our facilities in Arvada, CO, USA, and all under one roof.

Our designers are all experienced in the field of nano precision and manufacturing. While all other motion control suppliers are still working in microns, we began 18 years ago with the focus on nano precision, and all our motion control solutions are created and designed with “nano” in mind. Success in other words is built in the fact that we understand Design for Nano Manufacturing (DfNM), something no other motion control supplier can claim.

ALIO has one of the most advanced machine shops in the world, using state-of-the-art technologies in controlled environments to ensure optimised motion control products are manufactured.

ALIO’s in-house metrology department uses best-in-class measurement tools to allow us to prove complete adherence to design intent. In a world where nanometers are the focus, precise measurement and validation is key to successful motion control solutions, and so ALIO has 100% part verification which is unique in the motion control industry.

Up until today, some motion control suppliers have maintained that good motion control solutions can overcome issues with poor kinematics, structure, and bearings, but here at ALIO we know that this is not the case. Today we are working with NIST to develop new standards for motion control. Our products are so advanced that even the standards can’t keep up!

With design, machining, metrology, manufacturing, and assembly  teams all working together in one facility, ALIO nurtures cross-company collaboration every day. This allows us to be flexible and nimble as we work with our customers to provide the ultimate in high quality ultra-precise solutions.