ALIO provides the most precise and accurate motion control solutions, and we constantly work with the best who demand the best. Our success is defined by the calibre of customers who come to us and challenge us daily to help them innovate and achieve exacting precision and quality.

Nothing speaks louder than customer endorsement of our expertise and values. For over 18 years we have thrived on repeat business, which demonstrates the trust that we have earned as a world-class precision motion control expert. Thank you for your continued support, and we value both your feedback and testimonials.

I am very much impressed with ALIO Industries precision nano technologypositioning stage.It is the most precise positioning stage I have calibrated in the last 18 years. I can truly say without hesitation, I will now be able to recommend a company with nano-precision positioning accuracy with verified and proven technology in the field. I am extremely excited about the upcoming product line and equipment ALIO Industries will be unveiling and promoting in the market place in the future.

- Michael Schraufnagel CEO Quality Tech Services

Note: QTS is utilized and authorized by major machine/tool builders and manufacturers and is an authorized calibration vendor for OEM Machine Tool Builders, Aerospace, Aircraft & Automotive Manufacturers, Renishaw and Hamar Laser, Boeing, Vought, Delta, Northwest Airlines, Pratt & Whitney and NASA Space Program Suppliers.

With the development of our 1-pico liter jetting capability for materials deposition, new tools were needed to test and verify print head performance against application requirements. We undertook this joint development with ALIO because there were no tools available to meet our stringent requirement. We are pleased by the results of our collaboration and meeting of our design objectives.

- Dan West Systems Engineering Manager FujiFILM-Dimatix

“ALIO is delivery nano while everyone else is just talking about it.”

I wish to thank Alio for going out of their way to support this vital subsystem. I know Alio previously as being thorough and conservative in their promises. I saw these competences confirmed in working with your engineering team over the last month. I was impressed with the field work, the competence of your staff in initially diagnosing, and later implementing the Alio subsystem in the rather complex controls and mechanical environment of the HXN. On a few hours notice, your team was able to extend their stay by one day to address an unexpected issue, and thus complete the full integration into our HXN. We highly appriciate your competence, flexibility, and the dedication to your product, as demonstrated to us.
I will recommend Alio enthusiastically in the future in the x-ray and nanoscience communities.

- Dr. Jorg Maser
Group Leader (Acting), X-ray Microscopy Group Director,
Nanoprobe Beamline Center for Nanoscale Materials and X-Ray Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory

This might be the best and most comprehensive set of instructions that any vendor has ever supplied to us and we thank you for the level of detail and appreciate your time.

Vacuum Stage Customer
EUV Application

I really appreciate your honesty and integrity. That’s why I go to you guys first.

Nano Precision Stage Customer
Ink Jet Application