Often, the technical descriptions of “how” technologies allow greater and greater precision in motion control and tighter and tighter tolerance attainments are pretty impenetrable. Interesting on a level, but rarely passing the “so what” test when it comes to understanding the possibilities that exist for embracing sometimes expensive technology options when viewed through the prism of the upside for business and the enhancement of the bottom line.

There are times when technological advancements are such that they necessitate a root and branch change in the language and nature of discussion associated with them.

​In response to the demand from industry for more and more versatile and accurate motion control systems, market-leader ALIO Industries has just received a US patent on the next generation Hybrid Hexapod® technology which out performs any other Hexapod solution in the market. The Hybrid Hexapod® is a game-changer in the field of motion control, and will stimulate innovation as an enabler of next-generation manufacturing processes.

What is precision? How do the subjects of repeatability and accuracy feed into conversations about precision? Across industry, but particularly in the area of motion control, there is a mission from many technology suppliers to cause confusion, with numerous players stating resolution credentials that have absolutely NOTHING to do with precision.