About ALIO Industries

DOP 6 Logo - Small.pngALIO Industries began in 2001 with an idea to create “a better way” to meet the nano-precision robotic needs with American technology and manufacturing. This initial idea has grown into an ever-expanding product line.  ALIO systems vary from Hexapod robotic systems, air bearing systems, linear and rotary nano-precision systems with both mechanical and air bearings guides to systems in atmospheric, clean room, and ultra-high vacuum environments all with TRUE NANO Positioning®.

The evolution of these initial products has yielded a revolutionary new product, the Patent Pending Hybrid Hexapod®, which is a game changer for 5 and 6 axis motion performance. The Hybrid Hexapod is orders of magnitude more precise than traditional Hexapods. With superior features making it 100 times stiffer, 30 times faster, unmatched path precision, and 10 times the usable work envelope for the same XYZ travels of a Hexapod.  There are absolutely no performance, precision, or quality advantages of choosing a traditional Hexapod versus a Hybrid Hexapod®.  With all these advantages, ALIO’s Hybrid Hexapod® is a cost-competitive solution for your 6-D motion and precision needs.

Another key product that ALIO has developed from our years of evolution of the True Nano® single axis stages is the monolithic XY stage product family with extreme 6-D Nano Precision®.  The ALIO monolithic XY stages, with enclosed center and open center, exceed all contenders of XY motion with Point Precision® motion performance and stiffness that rival other manufacturers’ air bearing XY stage designs.

ALIO’s linear stages, patented Nano Z® lift, mechanical Z lift, and rotary stage lines were designed to excel at nanometer precision motion performance.  Our unmatched quality is backed by the Industry’s First 3-Year Warranty.

ALIO current product offering exceeds 350 standard products including our new Micron 2 line of more traditional stages with the ALIO difference incorporated in them to give advantages in precision and quality.

No matter the application or market segment, ALIO Motion Systems and the Micron 2 Product line have a motion system solution to meet and exceed your motion needs.  ALIO delivers our systems integrated with a motion controller and supported by ALIO’s engineering team.  Let us show you how our Performance, Precision, Quality, and Support are making ALIO stand out among our competition.

ALIO Industries Mission Statement

It is not enough to just simply exist in this world but we all must strive to make it better for our families and especially for those who follow. Creating products that enable novel and revolutionary processes is our passion at ALIO while making sure we never sacrifice character or sacrifice our environment.  Our novel products have changed many processes from new medical drug discoveries and drug delivery to reducing manufacturing waste with precision quality parts all becoming reality with ALIO's novel precision motion systems. At ALIO, we are all proud to be considered the precision and quality leader for novel new motion applications around the world solving new and decade old motion precision issues for a better world and better healthy life.  Our commitment to excellence is unmatched in all our products as well to our environment. ALIO's new headquarter is a very green facility with geo-thermal cooling and heating, solar cells fill our roof and generate electricity for ourselves and for the grid. We are proud to have a fleet of electric company cars with EV stations in the front of our building for ALIO autos and for others to use, all supplied by our rooftop solar farm.

Thank you for considering ALIO for your next motion system needs and especially thank you to our loyal customers that continue to purchase our Hybrid Hexapod®, monolithic XY stages, air bearing systems and other products over and over again for all these years.

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ALIO Management Team

Bill Hennessey, Founder & CEO

C. William (Bill) Hennessey founder, ALIO Industries in 2001 with dreams of designing the world’s most precise, highest quality 6 Axis Robot and manufacture it in the USA. ALIO means a ‘better way’ in Latin thus the foundation of the company was set on thinking outside the box for all products.
In 1979 as a young engineer at Jones & Lamson in Precision Valley, Vermont he was designing and testing CNC Lathes with very talented precision engineers. Learning metrology, robot integration and mechanical precision designs initialized a path of passion that still holds true today.
Cementing his passion while working for Cincinnati Milacron once the world’s largest machine tool company plus later the largest and leading inventor of industrial robots both with superior technology and industry-leading patents. Working with the first electric robots while phasing out the hydraulic T3 robotic technology was a challenging and inspiring experience.
ALIO’s mission to design and build products with unmatched precision, performance, and quality while maintaining a high level of character, respecting future generations and trying to leave the company and the environment we live in better than we found it. ALIO’s focus has been molded from the past to keep developing new products, technology applications and never resting on our past success while keeping a sharp eye on the world business matrix to keep the company prospering in the USA.
Bill has been a serial entrepreneur, mechanical engineer, robotics sales leader and marketing professional in the robotics, lasers and automation fields with over 40 years of experience at large international corporations and small start-ups. Bill has a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology and a minor in Business Administration from the University of Maine.

Nathan Brown, Vice President of Engineering

Nathan Brown is Vice President of Engineering for ALIO Industries.  Mr. Brown has extensive experience with the design, development, manufacturing, and testing of next-generation precision motion systems.  At ALIO he has the firm belief that to design systems that truly advance motion system performance engineers need to be experts in many engineering disciplines and optimize all the influencing factors from both the theoretical and real world perspectives.  A great engineer is one that solves the multi-layered problems other engineers or customers don’t even see yet in an elegant, efficient, and novel design that will provide benefits for both current and future application requirements.  ALIO’s products and systems are a reflection of this mindset implemented universally by Nathan’s team to address current needs but also have the reliability and performance to meet application advancements for years to come.  Nathan and ALIO’s work doesn’t stop with design and manufacturing, as Nathan is involved with ASPE and ASME organizations in developing next generation testing standards for precision motion systems to push the industry to focus from legacy individual axis tests to system level test methods that better represent actual performance customers will observe on multi-axis systems.  Nathan joined ALIO in 2005 as Senior Design Engineer adding Engineering Manager and Quality Manager roles in the following years.  He assumed the role of VP of Engineering in 2011.  Prior to joining ALIO, Nathan designed vacuum robotics systems for Applied Materials semiconductor manufacturing equipment.  He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

Walter Silvesky, Vice President of Sales

Walter brings to ALIO nearly three decades of industry experience in precision automation having spent more than 27 years with Newport Corporation leading multi-disciplined sales and marketing teams in developing key U.S. based and international accounts for industries including; semiconductor, laser machining, metrology, life and health sciences, aerospace and defense, flat panel display, data storage, and photovoltaics. Walter holds a degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the College of Aeronautics in New York.