ALIO produces best-in-class "made in America" motion control technologies.

Through a reputation built on trust, integrity, reliability, and honesty — coupled with an absolute focus and drive to deliver ground-breaking, high-quality motion control solutions for our customers — we are the undisputed market leader.

Companies that work with ALIO demand the best. Our expertise and a depth of experience is born out of 18 years at the vanguard of nanometer-level motion control solutions, and we never compromise on quality and reliability. 

ALIO sets the standard against which ALL motion control suppliers measure themselves. Established in 2001, ALIO owns the area of “nano” precision in motion control, and our recently introduced Hybrid Hexapod technology is the only motion control solution that affords customers with a repeatable nano precision motion control solution.

When the world’s leading and most innovative OEMs require cutting-edge motion control solutions, they come to ALIO. We have an industry-wide reputation for being the best and providing the most accurate motion control solutions available. 


We are able to maintain this market-leader status because to our dedicated and exceptional team, and our obsessive focus on providing timely, cost-effective, and exceptionally high quality solutions for our customers.